Why Instruct Us?

The public has a general distrust of lawyers. They are worried that their lawyer is inexperienced, that they see a different face every time they go to Court, that the fees will be excessive or unaffordable, that he or she doesn’t listen properly or doesn’t explain things well or doesn’t keep in touch enough. Our service ensures that you will not need to be concerned about these things.

The solicitors at Harris Paley Schone all have considerable experience, without exception, and our advocates appear regularly in the Magistrates Court and Crown Court.

We are right in the heart of Brighton, but can cover the whole of Sussex and London on serious cases and have dealt with cases ranging from the most serious cases: murder, manslaughter, drug supply, rape and sexual offences, fraud and firearms and cases involving multiple defendants and cases to road traffic matters (avoiding penalty points or disqualification), shoplifting and court fines. We are used to protecting the interests of Youths and other vulnerable individuals in the criminal justice system. Regardless of the case, we will work to achieve the best possible outcome. You can hopefully find out whether we can help by searching under the Areas of Work heading or alternatively just call us and you can speak to one of our solicitors, free of charge.

We have a flexible fee structure for clients that can be tailored to suit your means.

Some clients are swayed by flashy websites or lawyers who exaggerate success rates and claim that by paying a high fee, you are guaranteed the best service. We do not work that way. Our rates are not the highest, nor will they be the cheapest but we will always be truthful about your prospects.

The criminal justice system is not always just about what the law says. There are people who seek to uphold and administer the law, the police, Benefit Agency and RSPCA investigators, Crown prosecutors, experts, judges and court staff.

Of course, a good lawyer understands his client’s case, the strengths, the weaknesses, listens to his client, explains what is happening, but a really great lawyer is someone who understands who he or she is dealing with, whether on the same side or on the opposite side, and can adapt to the situation and persuade people to achieve the outcome his client wants. That is something you can expect from our firm. There are no “average” lawyers at Harris Paley Schone. That is a reputation we have earned over 20 years.


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