Police station

All police station and police custody suite attendances are free and available 24 hours a day. Please contact 01273 600009 in office hours or in an emergency our dedicated 24 hours telephone service on 0706 100 6009. Alternatively you can email us at

Magistrates’ court

At the magistrates’ court you may be eligible for legal aid and we can make an application on your behalf. To obtain legal aid in the magistrates’ court, you must pass a merits test and a means test. Most motoring matters and non-imprisonable matters will not pass the merits test. If you or your partner are earning more than £12,475 before tax it is unlikely that you will pass the means test. We can give advice on all aspects of legal aid.

In the Crown Court legal aid will be granted, although you may have to pay a contribution if your means are too high. If you are on benefits you will always pass the means test in either court.

We can also represent you privately.

Brighton Magistrates Court
Initial telephone advice Free
Guilty plea, 1st appearance. £250 + VAT = £300.00
Guilty plea, any subsequent appearance. £100 + VAT = £120.00
Letter of mitigation (minor motoring matters only) £50 + VAT = £60.00
Half day trial, inclusive of 2 hours attendance on client /witnesses. £750 + VAT = £1000.00
Full day trial inclusive of 2 hours attendance on client /witnesses. £1250 + VAT = £1500.00
Special Reasons trial. Same rates as half day and full day trials
Exceptional Hardship hearing. £300 + VAT = £360.00

We can represent you at any other magistrates’ court for the same fixed fees as above. We will charge you for the travel at £100 per hour as well as any disbursements incurred.