About Harris Paley Schone

At Harris Paley Schone, our solicitors have all specialised in criminal law for many years, covering cases that range from murder to careless driving and everything in between. We have specialist advocates in house, who practice in both the magistrates’ court and the Crown Court.

If you are charged or summoned and have to go to Court in the Sussex area, Harris Paley Schone can help. You may be eligible for legal aid, which means our services would be free. We will help you to make a legal aid application.

However, legal aid does not cover most traffic offences, nor will you be covered in the magistrates’ court if your income is too great. We can advise as to the most cost effective way of defending your case. Our are extremely reasonable and if you win your case we may be able to recover some of your costs from the court.

Here at Harris Paley Schone we offer free initial telephone advice. If you require advice in writing there is a small initial fee. If you have the misfortune to be arrested or summonsed, give us a call and see if we can help.

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